Monday, 10 October 2016

Miro Term 4 Newsletter

Miro Term Four Newsletter

Dear Miro Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to our new children and their families. Class lists are available from the office if you wish to make contact with other parents to make play dates etc.
With the increase in our roll we have made some adjustments to our literacy and numeracy groups. Our groups in Miro are flexible and as the children’s needs change we can use our flexible grouping to meet those needs. The Miro children are used to working with all teachers and children across the syndicate so the transitions are usually seamless. If you have any questions or concerns please make an appointment to discuss them.
 There is a Parent Help Roster on the window. Please check the roster. If you wish to add your name please do so. We always need your help and appreciate any time you can give us.
Helene Piper is always looking for PMP helpers on Thursday and Friday morning particularly between 9-10. Please see the message below from Helene
PMP – what’s that?  Every Thursday and Friday morning Miro children’s literacy programme comes out of the classroom and into the hall.  It’s lots of fun and you can join in.  Parent helpers talk children through a series of fun yet challenging balance, movement, eye hand coordination and fitness activities.  These activities develop the children’s Perceptual (taking information into the brain) and Motor (putting out a movement) abilities.  Picture yourself taking kids through a crawling and jumping maze, teaching them to throw and catch a ball, or balancing on a beam.  It’s fast, fun and noisy.  Tame pre-schoolers very welcome.  The more helpers we have, the more that your children get out of the programme, so please let Sue Roberts know if you are available to help.  We really need helpers for Blue and Yellow groups – 9-10am Thursday and Friday morning. 

We may start swimming towards the end of the term now our pool is heated. We will notify you when this will happen.

The term will go quickly by, here are some dates to put in your diary. There could be changes and more details of each event will come through closer to the time.

Week. 1. Wednesday - Rugby Promo Day
Week. 2.Tuesday/Wednesday Snag Golf starts
Week. 3. Labour Day Monday. Friday MONSTER MASH! 4-7pm.
Week. 5. Sculpture on Shore - 10 - 20 November. Miro visit 10 November
Week. 6. Financial Literacy Mon Tues Wed. Senior Athletics 16/12, Beach clean-up.
Week. 7. Junior Athletics Friday 25 November.
Week. 9. Tuesday 6 Dec Miro’s End of Year Craft Day, Parent Helpers Morning Tea. Voice Drama Thursday 8 Dec 2pm.
Week. 10. Reports home. Tuesday – Junior Beach Picnic 11.30pm – 1pm.
Friday 16 December – Last day of school and final assembly 12.30pm.

We may start swimming towards the end of the term now our pool is heated. We will notify you when this will happen.

Some Reminders:
All children are required to wear hats in the playground in Term 4. Could all children keep a named hat in their school bag each day.
Name all clothes and belongings so we can keep the lost property to a minimum.
Please pack small easy to eat lunches – we supervise eating for 15 minutes and check lunch boxes to make sure children have eaten most of their lunch. A piece of fruit or vegetable for Brain Break everyday please.  
We always need any leftover containers, wool, yoghurt pots, wool, fabric etc for craft and construction activities. If you are not sure if will use it just ask.
Please put a pack of spare clothes in children’s bags – accidents can happen from time to time.

Thank you for your support – remember to look on the blog for updates on activities we do in Miro.

The Miro Teachers.

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